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Resharper Team Blog

Friday, June 16th, 2006 | .NET | 1 Comment

Can't live without it. Developing without resharper is like drinking a beer with a straw. It's possible, but slow. And to be honest refactoring in Visual Studio 2005 sucks. It's a lightweight implementation of refactoring, and it's slow. Compare "Find usages" in VS 2005 with resharper and I think you get the point.

Ok, resharper has a lot of bugs, but it will become more stable in the near future. Anyway, check out the new Team Blog for resharper.

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A great article on understanding ViewState

Friday, June 16th, 2006 | .NET | 3 Comments

This is as important to ASP.NET developers as it is to developers creating server controls (both user controls and custom controls). ViewState is difficult to understand, but when used correctly, it's very powerful.

Read and learn:


Wrong timestamp in the Enterprise Application Logging block

Thursday, June 15th, 2006 | .NET | 1 Comment

If you have tried the standard implementation of the SimpleFormatter in Enterprise Library Logging block, you will notice that timestamps are not what they should have been (depending on where you live in the world, of course;) ) . In Norway, for instance, the timestamp is 2 hours wrong. This is actually by design, since logging should be time independent and use UTC time. Anyway, in my opinion this should be configurable by default, but it seems the only way around is to write your own, or extend the SimpleFormatter.

Tom Hollander writes about the solution in his blog.

BTW, make sure you use the rolling file trace listener by Erwyn van der Meer. It's excellent for not having one HUGE log file.

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