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Moving to WordPress

Thursday, September 18th, 2008 | General

I have been using Mambo/Joomla for quite some time and have realized that it's not ideal for blogging. I decided to go with a real blogging engine, like WordPress. It's really neat and easy to use and has a lot of plug-ins and features. I migrated all my joomla content with a script and it worked pretty well. Had to upload and fix all the images manually, and all the comments are missing, but what the heck, I am pretty satisfied.

My next move will be to create my own personal skin for WP, even though I like the one I am using. I just have to put this in the queue for all of my other projects and time consuming things.

Hope you like the new blog, at least I do. The old blog is still active and will be removed pretty soon. Redirects should work for most articles, so old links should be intact. Thanks to the redirection plug-in for WordPress :)

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